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Been talking with my brother. He's only exposed himself to the MSNBC stuff. Goodness is he angry. Any time I point anything out to him about ... like "FACT" stuff ... he gets kind of nuts.

And that's what happened when I pointed out the information below.

You know The Detroit News?

Would you expect by the name the paper is center or left? Not right ... right?

Well they have an article with a graph we need to see. It takes a look at deaths by age range. I'll include it below.

Another thing. I'm from Michigan. I took the deaths, which are over reported, and divided them into the population of the State.

Turns out you can take the population of your area, in thousands, and multiply it by .16 to get the number of deaths your area has had since we started counting.

My town is 12.5 thousand. Times the .16 multiplier is a death rate of

wait for it .... wiat for it ...


Most possibly quite old people, right?

Given the range of ages people are dying from ...

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