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>> 'Canyon' is essentially a high-speed, deep-diving underwater cruise missile with a massive 100 Mt nuclear warhead, possibly salted with cobalt. It is designed to be launched by Russian subs thousands of miles from our shore, to travel undetected to our coastline and then detonate in the harbors of our major cities. The result would be a huge tsunami inundating the waterfront area of the city and creating an incredibly deadly & persistent waterborne & airborne fallout cloud. This is a doomsday weapon that would, if fully deployed kill hundreds of millions and make our major coastal cities uninhabitable for thousands of years.

The Barbarians in the Bay: Russia’s Nuclear Armed Drone Submarine

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Anyone got a good recipe or idea for dinner tonight? We are officially through the leftovers and @davidjanet is heading out to the store soon. What’s on your plate this evening?

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