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Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called federal agents “stormtroopers,” who are “kidnapping protesters.”
And even more recently described the "use of stormtroopers" as a "tactic" that she meant was the President's doing, HIS tactic !
Or was it a more or less Freudian Slip, a confession on her part that it was HER Tactic to "use stormtroopers" in her original statement?
Either way she is still off her rocker.

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This is a podcast from a Santa Monica resident describing the state of Los Angeles right now as he sees it. Having lived in Los Angeles for 7 years before I finally had enough and moved to Reno, NV I completely understand the anguish in his voice, and his anger as he talks about local politics. I knew a Gavin Newsom governorship was going to be a dumpster fire, which was one reason I left. It appears I was correct. Chad is not a political commentator, he's just an average guy who's paying attention to what's going on around him, and I hope you'll take a listen to what he has to say ..

Twitter has been down (at least for me) for about 20 minutes. I feel like a free man. What’s on your mind, peeps? Will respond in comment section...

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