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Michigan's virus stats are meaningless. On June 7 I started keeping track of the number of added deaths on the Michigan site because it just didn't seem right to me that every few days a bunch of new deaths were added, in addition to the daily deaths. Below is the report from yesterday, to me it makes no sense.

Total Confirmed Cases


Total COVID-19 Deaths


Daily Confirmed Cases


Daily COVID-19 Deaths


*During a data quality assessment review of deaths, manual data entry errors were discovered, leading to a decrease of 16 in the cumulative death total. The errors in death ascertainment occurred during local case investigations and involved mistakenly indicating individuals as being deceased who were not. This adjustment affects the cumulative death totals for impacted counties and statewide. Reviews are being conducted as part of ongoing efforts to ensure data quality and accurate case and death reporting in Michigan.

**The deaths ...

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Just sat down with Kim Klacik about her appearance on The View this morning which is tearing up the Internet right now...

Enjoying a last, glorious spell of late summer here, right when the calendar is telling the trees to please start changing their colors. Which they do! They seem to be high in the trait conscientiousness ;-)

Today, you can buy human slaves from open slave markets in Libya. The Obama Administration had a lot to do with overthrowing Gaddafi and putting the country into the hands of the crazy people who run it today. Does anyone remember Hillary saying "We came, We saw, He died"?
Joe Biden was part of this. Why, especially when slavery is such a big part of our national conversation right now, is Joe Biden not being asked about this? Why is nobody talking about it?

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