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Good morning.

It's time to rethink police work.
Too many officers are put in harms way when responding to Kerfuffles between friends and neighbors. A good conflict resolution team armed with a clip board and some of those fabulous gel pens could not only soothe the situation but build bridges between our taxpaying citizens instead of drive wedges between them.

Restorative justice would kick in instead of strong-armed goons beating innocent moms and children. Most ladies end up being moms you know.

Like when an "alleged" nut job tried to burn down the house of a friend of mine by building a campfire on her porch, the Restorative Justice Team wanted Mr. Job (as we call him now) to come over and rebuild her porch and paint over the charred parts of the house instead of going to jail.

That way the two of them could get along better, and Mr. Job could learn some skills. She could be a great help in making her community a better place to live and grow old.

That's a true story by the way.

She told them she never met the man before and asked why in the world would she want him around after he "allegedly" tried to burn her down and kill her in her sleep. She refused to participate.

As if abandoned on the dock of the already sailed Good Ship Paradise, that left the attempts to make our community a perfect place, feeling alone and lonely. And we know how important feelings are to perfection.

And now, when things could have turned out so much better for Jovana Kelsey McCreary and the neighborhood around her, bullies showed up and tried to overpower a defenseless? woman. Just because you're bigger and stronger than a woman doesn't mean you should use that advantage to harass and manhandle her.

A difference of opinion isn't something to go to jail for.

People with real social skills could have diffused this situation to everyone's satisfaction and peace would have returned once more to Phoenix.

I don't know how long we have to travel down this path of oppression and suffer a police state when we have the tools to do so much better for our people.

Is it just money? Couldn't we take some of that money from the police and use it better to help allow people to love one-another?

Here's the sad article, such as it is:

And remember kids, get high responsibly and stay away from bad tattoo ink, especially when you inject it into your neck yourself. And always refrigerate after opening.

Respectfully submitted,
Your Rubin Reporter,
Six-Tenths Christian
Interested? Want to learn more about the community?
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