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Regarding one vaccine's early trials...

The Salk vaccine was first tested on "disposable children."

"Salk and team, with the support of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, began its first tests on humans of their killed-virus polio vaccine. The subjects were resident children in institutions for the physically and intellectually disabled. Salk tested vaccine for all three strains of polio, some in combination, and some on their own.

Their findings showed that vaccine recipients produced antibodies to the virus type in the vaccine they were given. Salk’s results provided some evidence on which to base larger trials."

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Black Mulch Matters! Hope you’re having a great Sunday...

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November 28, 2020

Saturday, 2:38 pm.

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Did you know 22 veterans commit suicide everyday? Did you know that the suicide rate has gone up with the general public tremendously this year because of isolation? Just be aware when you’re engaging with people around you. We never know what others are going through. And holidays...during Covid...job effed up election...are a recipe for this. Be extra kind right now. I only say this because I am a veteran and I’ve worked with them. Have a great week.

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