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Consider the freedom fighter red hand vs the blm/black power fist. It demonstrates a real and significant gap of difference that is far beyond skin color. The spectrums of human understanding and intelligence. Dumb white pools like nazis or loyalists. What do you want you know. You probably want freedom and personal God as government. We can all pretend everyone in the world is equal or we can understand there's something better about the melting pot of dominant white races that freed themselves and europe's black slaves. That some black people were successfully civilized and their descendants today are just as smart as the smart whites. Skin color is just about UV rays. And it's okay Africans still live in tribes, at least they're not living a lie like Chinese. There are different races of whites and blacks and that is fine, doesn't have to be goood or bad. Forcing diversity is a socilaist troll undermining of white American

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Woke up early today so I could bask in the delight of my tree. There is something special about all of it. I'm so grateful for all of the amazing people in my life. And somehow this tree represents that.

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19 hours ago

Turkey stuffing cranberry sauce salad on challah. (Chopped and mixed with gherkins and mayo.)

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November 26, 2020

Though @davidjanet is doing most of the cooking, I do open the wine. Hope you’re all having a wonderful (and delicious) day...

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