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It just occurred to me that every successful social reform movement in this country, from abolitionism to women's sufferage to the original civil rights movement have been respectful of America and its symbols, and have succeeded in part by making explicit reference to the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence, and the founding principles in general (e.g., Frederick Douglass's pleas that we already have the morals we need, we just need to live up to them; and MLK's characterization of the founding principles as a "promissory note" that has not been honored). The current movement does not do this. I have no evidence as to the nature of the various forces driving the current moment; but I can pose questions: are the current movements really trying to acheive change? Or are they corrupted by actors who do not want to see/do not care about change, but seek to destabilize America for other ends. Again, I have no solid answers, but feel the discussion worthwhile nonetheless.

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