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July 28, 2020

An interesting article about 'BIG Tech' #shadowbanning , caught red-handed once again.
MaxCis Nanook North July 28th, 2020.
Yesterday’s “hack” revealed Twitter manually edits trends and manufactures consent, something they previously testified did not happen!
"The interesting thing is that screenshots of the supposed internal software are being aggressively pursued and deleted from Twitter by Twitter itself, with the company claiming that they violate the platform’s rules. In addition to being posted to Motherboard and Twitter, a similar image also appeared on a now deleted Tweet controlled by 'Under the Breach'. They have since said their account has been suspended for 12 hours as a result of them posting it. Of particular interest are the buttons labeled 'SEARCH BLACKLIST' and 'TRENDS BLACKLIST' ”. (See image 2 or source 2) as per the NATION AND STATE blog.
An important update on an ongoing shadowban by most social media sites.
"Facebook has removed a video posted by ...

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