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Props to AG Barr for standing his ground, but also being mostly mature and patient amidst a bunch of clowns.

“Most of the protests have been peaceful”
“Shame on you”
“When you came here and brought your top staff, you brought no black people. That sir is systematic racism”

And my favorite - “I’m starting to lose my temper. This is my time and I control it.”

They wouldn’t let him finish. They were disrespectful. And they acted like complete asses and whiny little brats, making sure to remind everyone and the cameras that they had “control”.

I am not a devout Republican. I didn’t vote for Trump the first time. I have many issues with them, though less than Democrats.

But there is not a chance in hell, I’m voting for any democrat in my lifetime if this is what we get. And it’s gotten far worse.

This is coordinated. I had thought it some before, now it’s obvious. They want power and control so much right now, and will do anything to get their ...

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