Frequently Asked Questions
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How can I be a supporter?

The Rubin Report is completely subscriber dependent. We do not display ads nor sell any of your information. Thus, we ask for your minimum support of $5 a month to access full content and capabilities of this platform, thank you.

What is the Rubin Report Community?

This community is managed and owned by Dave Rubin and it’s here to give you more content and allow you to have a conversation about anything you want, no filters, or trolls :) Connect with Dave and other members of the Rubin Report community!

How can I adjust my notifications settings?

Go to your manage profile page and click on the "Notifications" tab. There you can change your preferences.

What does deleting my account do?

Deleting your account is permanent and cannot be recovered. All of your posts which were commented on will be under the anonymous member account. You can create a new account under the same email at any time as we remove all your private information from the deleted account.

How can I hide or delete my account?

You can pause your account (hide your profile from others) by clicking on the "Pause Account" button on your account settings page. You can also delete your account there. If you do, please let us know why so we can improve the community.

What are Locals?

Locals are subscription-based communities that give power to creators, not platforms.

Why do some of my notifications say "Content Deleted"?

Sometimes we notify members of new posts/comments/replies/etc and then the author or we remove the content. Instead of deleting your notification, we just show "Content Deleted". We do this so members won't wonder where the notification alert went.
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