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I'm a writer, and Co-Editor, at an online magazine. . I'm interested in politics, current affairs, cultural issues, religion, & a host of other subjects & topics. One of the things I want to do is promote my work, obviously, but at the same time be led to reading other people's work too, and exchange of ideas etc

For thousands of years, humans have believed that they can destroy bad ideas, if all the people who believe those ideas are destroyed.. we still seem to believe it now.. SNAFU

“Ideologies are neurological parasites, hijacking a pre-existing and underlying, religious and metaphysical neurological substructure” ~ Jordan B Peterson

Rioters Ruin Everything

Those who attack the defenders of liberty and justice, because one of that number commited a terrible crime, would not be happy if THEY were all attacked when one of THEIR people commited a terrible crime.

"Black" Collective Rage, But No Collective Guilt, & Quite Right, So How Come "Whites" Apparently ALL Share Collective Guilt? Alinsky's Rules.

For all the crazy talk of reparations for long dead Africans.. there are "black" Africans being sold today, in Libya, but also in Sudan & Nigeria. The Slavers are ALL dark skinned Muslims. Some of them, the Nigerian Muslim Slavers, are the same skin colour as the people they capture and selll as slaves..

America On Fire - The Chaotics of Antifa - Anarchists Attempt State Coup
Miltary Intervention Inevitable - America Under Seige by Communists

The rest of the free world is watching with utter horror as America descends into something like a civil war between Communists & American Patriots.

The military will have to step up to the plate, unless Police & Citizens themselves prevail over the rioting looters & violent thieves causing chaos & fear across much of the country.

American Patriots! - Please Take Back America!

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Xi Jinping has told his military to prepare for war.

What happened to the account page? When I joined I was able to click on my icon and go to a page where I had the option to create a community, that no longer exists,what's going on? How do I create my own community instead of paying over and again to join other peoples' communities?



Hard Times Create Hard Men
Hard Men Create Good Times
Good Times Create Soft Men
Soft Men Create Hard Times..

The Coronavirus debates resemble Fakebook posts & comments, in that it seems to be the case that - everyone is right all the time about everything, and everyone else, isn't.

Everyone agrees it's good to have your opinions challenged, but not theirs..


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Conor Andersen
UK Crime Horror Confirmed!! Man Left House!! Went to Parents!! .. Location of Man's Parent's Home Revealed!! Police Confirm!! Calls for Man's Resignation from everybody!! .. er .. man stayed in separate building .. his political enemies

Hello! .. What are you doing down there?

Self & 89 yr old Mother, taken in the care home she stays in because she has advanced dementia. I think she looks a bit like a Mafia Boss with me as her minder.. lol

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The Human Condition

Hermann Goering was a Nazi, he founded the Geheime Statz Polizei, (National State Police [force]) or Gestapo, for short.

Goering had a brother, who spent the war saving Jews, thousands of Jews owed their lives to Karl Goering, and their descendants are all over the world.

During the earliest stages of the Nuremberg trials, before he commited suicide, Hermann Goering had the chance to mention the fact that he had protected his brother, and therefore, had knowingly helped his brother to save the lives of thousands of Jews.

Hermann Goering chose to protect his brother's reputation in the post WW2 era, rather than to save his own life, so he didn't mention any of it.

A not so very curious tale of someone capable of evil, who was also capable of good, a tale of the human condition, one might say.

Extremely Relevant & Inspiring ..

Currently under-reported, the problem has got considerably worse since this article was written, but I believe it's still relevant even at that..

Detente' Uncordiale

President Moron of France, has decided that using the French Navy to guide migrant boats heading for Calias, to British Shores, is a good way to show his displeasure to Britain for Leaving the Euro-Soviet Union. WTF?

President Macaroon, is a complete idiot.

Caledonian Rant

1st Manager of the Nationalist Socialist Republic of Scotland, Nikolai Sturgeonovich, and the Scottish NHS, stand condemned for forcing Scottish care homes to take untested former hospital patients into their facilities. Scotland has the highest rate of care home deaths in GB, because of her stupidly lethal policy.

Scottish doctors, at the demand of the SNP, discharged patients who had not been tested for CV19, straight into care homes, which were subsequently ravaged by the disease.

All this because Sturgeon & the SNP Health Secretary, Jeane Tennent Freeman OBE, a member of the nobility no less, demanded that hospitals in Scotland be "emptied" of all non-CV19 patients, and between them, they succeeded.

This can be shown to be the causal link between Scottish care homes and the spread of the disease through them, the SNP policy causing a massive number of fatalities in care homes across Scotland, * with nothing positive to show for it, no greater number of other ...

@DaveRubin You must have been told many times by people who have viewed your interviews, from the start of that part of your career path, that many of us believe you could be a real force for good in politics; why don't you run for office? I mean, not even right now but maybe within the next couple of decades?

"Everything you do matters, so you better watch out, stop doing & saying things that make you weak, understand that it's all on you, clean up your room, make your house beautiful, then go out into the world to see what you can do to make things better for everyone" ~ Jordan B Peterson lecture at Toronto University.

My computer is beIng accessed by Twitter, to censor my own file content, and when I tell people on social media, I think they don't believe me, or thnk I'm paranoid or mistaken, I'm not.


"English is the world language, and it is only in England that it goes unlearned". ~ Jonathan Meades

Whole Chicken in Slow-Cooker, with veg, seasoning & 1 pint chicken stock. Put lid on, walk away for 3 hours, come back to a great meal!

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California State's Board of Governors, (BoG), hold meetings outside over virus fears.. Critics accuse board of "herd mentality" ..

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Who was to know? That being someone whose body naturally produces oestrogen, makes you better equpped in every way, to run a country suffering under the pandemic infection of CV19? It's astonishing what we're finding out day by day as this lunacy progresses. Ms Power should resign, hanging her head in sexist shame, but that is unlikely to happen, instead she is celebrated as hitting the ideological nail firmly on its head.

I often wonder what would happen if men the world over quit doing anything for 28 days, just didn't go to work, didn't do any chores, just all shucked-off to the mountains/beach/forest/desert for a month, and left our wonderful other halves to run the entire planet. I wonder how that would work out? We also found out, & not a moment too soon, that Stephen Pinker's not so smart after all.

True Lies

The Washington Post publishes a false story about Trump leaking classified intel to the Russians, gets busted, and yet "members of the intelligence community" repeat the lie told by TWP. Every official present at the meeting swears the so called 'leak' didn't happen, so how does that sit with the denial from the establishment, that Obama appointees within the state corridors of power, are trying to sabotage the current duly elected President?

Next thing the blame for who made up the story will be passed around like the poison chalice that it is, all of which political circus makes the Democrats look, not only desperate, but malicious, and prepared to commit criminal acts in order to get their way

In 2016, Obama shared US intel on Syria, with the Russians, I didn't notice any accusations of treason, or calls for impeachment, from Democrats when that became known.

This ..

@Locals, Any news on the log-in glitch yet?

The weirdest thing just happened, 3 times I tried to log in from my bookmark, and got white screen with "file not found" with a return arrow in the top left of the screen. Even when I clicked on a link put on the video with Glenn Beck, it was the same. Eventually by googling, I hit a link that brought me back, some weird stuff is going on, probably browser or security software issues, I just don't know.

My Canadian(ish) Breakfst;

One ripe banana
Three rashers smoked back-bacon
Seeded Brown Bread (toasted)
Generous Drizzle of Canadian Maple Syrup


LMAO! Sent to me by a friend from Canada, (she loves kilts).

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I found out that Twitter is accessing my personal files on my home computer in their latest censorship stunt. When I try to tweet photos they don't like, I can't see them in my files, even though I know they're there. I am currently seeking legal advice as this is obviously completely illegal behaviour on their part.

This fat-faced, mass-murdering bastard, is the world's most tyrannical 'leader'. He lies like the rest of us breathe, without stopping.

Covidiots For Real .. Inmates in a Calif jail try to catch CV19 in belief that will get them early release. How dumb do you have to be?


Why does Dr Fauci reject drugs that work very successfully against CV19?

Because his chums at Bayer, Glaxo-Smith-Kleine & Monsanto didn't patent a new, expensive medicine that's as effective as those old, cheap drugs?

In trials in hospitals in France, Hydroxychloroquine & Azithromycin taken together have shown a 90% success rate in exterminating the virus within patients.

Tha Gad Fatha

Highest numbers of infection with CV19 happen within, households, care homes, prisons, hospitals, ships, aircraft. Common factors are, crowds, enclosed spaces, air conditioning.

Oh-oh ..

A satirical cartoon from 1918, showing the result of following official advice on how to avoid Spanish Flu.

By the end of the pandemic, the death toll in Britain was 228,000, and a quarter of the population are thought to have been infected.

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The Lockdown is Now Killing More People than the Virus

The data now shows that places where lockdown was/is total, like in Italy, the death rate was way worse than it would have been with just social distancing, and the closure of places of mass gatherings.

This is probaby the reason why Britain's death rate is now the worst in Europe, people have been shut in and received extremely high doses, and constant reinfections, from the asymptomatic people within their own households.

I said before, that the best option we have, is to TEST EVERYONE.

The woman who made CV19 transmissable to humans, can't be interviewed if she can't be found. Also, what about Huang Yanling, 'patient zero', a post-grad researcher who worked under Shi Zhengli, who also disappeared, from hospital?

Very Important CV19 Video ..

A Question of Perspective

"If you have a serial killer, serves his time, & becomes a gardener on the outside, is he a gardener? Or is he a serial killer that likes flowers?" - Tracy Lauren Marrow

I've just created a petition on the UK Gov Petition Site. It asks that the Gov rescind special powers given to Police over CV19. It asks that those powers be rescinded by 01/01/2021.

Maybe people in the US would be interested in the idea of petitioning the US government with a million signatures or whatever nunmber you could generate, to do what you all want it to do, & no more no less.

Here's my stab at democratic action;

An elevated consciousness, with a downgraded credit rating, struggling for neccesities, within a wealthy nation ... A kings ransom for a pauper's hovel, or be disowned and dead, the owners of the money brothel, will mortgage you your bed. But this is not the worst of places, though maybe the worst of times, the struggle is to the day my friends, let us have our peace at night .... A drink then, with a good friend, a conversation broad, oh happy times when friendship reigns, and leaves unseen Damocles sword..

Who polices the censors?

In a free society, it would be the electorate. In the context of censors working for a private company communications platform open to the public, if the censors go too far, the user numbers would normally drop, & loss of revenue would convince the shareholders to tell the company to ease up on the censorship.

When these platforms are operating as monopolies, in concert with other bodies that seek conformity to a politically doctrinal viewpoint, it becomes more difficult to use the leverage of user numbers without some sort of hugely popular campaign to alert people to their latent power as paying consumers.

The fact that these same platforms would be the ones that would have to be used to spread the word about that kind of campaign, means such a campaign will very quickly become invisible to most of the public.

I want to share this article with the communitiy, if I may ..

Of the 3 Marx Brothers, Karl was definitely not the funniest..

Here's something to chew on; NHS England is hiring "Arts Directors" at 45k pa, which is a decent enough salary even now, to do what they do, but 'linking' it to the NHS "wellness program, promoting inclusivity, diversity, & equity". I kid you not. West Yorkshire is being run by "woke" lunatics.

I used to like Bill Gates, not any more, his open support of the CCP and Xi Jinping, & his attack on President Trump for linking the CCP's early inaction, denial, & suspiciously lax control of flights out of China, to the pandemic, means he can no longer be trusted.

Hi Dave, I wondered if you, and indeed anyone else, has seen this film, or heard about this story.

April 29, 2020

Hi Dave, I just joined, & became an active supporter, sending you dollars every month. I would like to message you personally, but simply can't afford the required monthly amount to do so, which is a shame. I understand that making the messaging so expensive, weeds-out the spammers & trolls, but, it also weeds out the poorer members, unfortunately. I still wish you the best of luck with all of it..

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