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I grew up in LA, studied Bioengineering in San Diego and attended grad school in New York. Currently living in Brooklyn with husband and 2 girls. My red pill story: I went on Birthright (to Israel) my last year in college. During that time Israel kicked off Operation Cast Lead and I came back to a college campus with booming groups emerging against Israel. It was so harsh and mixed in with politics I started to get involved. I realized that the de-facto position was to be against Israel. Why? As I dove further in I started to question the broad list of de-facto stances taken up on a California college campus. As I learned more I found myself aligning conservatively on many (though not all) issues. Personally, that went hand in hand with becoming more spiritually connected as I uncovered the need for absolute truth in a world I had previously experienced existentially. We have this notion that we have beliefs, those beliefs inform our thoughts, and our thoughts inform our actions. Here's the thing: most people don't take the time to stop and think about what their beliefs are. They absorb them through their surroundings and associations, which isn't a bad place to start, but, in education, business and life, we should always challenge the path we are on. Am I doing this because I have evaluated that it is the right thing, or am I continuing to do it because of momentum?
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