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I am the Creator of the Community The Torrid Tribe. Please pop over for some uncensored stimulating conversion and content. This is a no boundary safe place to get your vibe on. It's not just clothes that I love... Being a mom to 4 amazing daughters is the best thing I can take credit for in this world. I am a gypsy - travel and culture are my top favorite things in life. Being a foodie is my lifelong obsession. Offering a hug to each of you.
Squeaky Clean!
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It's a power shake morning. Saving leftovers to add Malibu Coconut Rum in the afternoon. I know it will be 5 o'clock somewhere !
I love what Dave said on Hannity tonight...."I am a Radical....a Radical for Freedom." Hugs to you Dave❤ @DaveRubin
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A thought. If government politicians lost their pay during this and would get it back as soon as the country was fully open again, I wonder if they would be doing cartwheels to get the country open again.
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It's time for some Memes! Hugs ❤
Does anyone remember these? My mom used to cook these for us. Good memories
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Too much fact check-mania lately. Up yours Facebook with your censorship. We have The Dave Rubin community
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🎶The Chi-Migos🎶
And ....more Political meme photos!
A couple of nights ago I made Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps. I love the flexibility of this dish because it can be Keto friendly if I skip the rice. I shredded the chicken as I prefer that consistency. I added roasted red peppers and mushrooms to my recipe. I sprinkled sushi seasoning on the rice. The recipe is posted at The Torrid Tribe. @davidjanet
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I caught Dave's interview with Andrew Klavan on 790fm Los Angeles radio. I was naughty and driving when I was recording. Part 1. Sorry I couldn't get the entire interview. Safe driving is a priority 👍 Hugs Dave ❤ @DaveRubin
I hope this can be challenged in Court. Socialist Dems are trying to make voting governed by an executive order for a Presidential Election.
I had a very interesting conversation today on We were discussing classic liberalism and libertarianism. I am really trying to learn through Dave Rubin's thoughtful explanation in his book about how things have evolved within it this paradigm. I tried explaining that in the communication forum and it felt like I was being attacked by progressive liberals. My Approach to this person was the same as Dave mentioned in chapter 4 of Dave's book, when he mentioned Larry Elder posed to him questions asking Dave "why" and telling Dave to "support with facts". I Got the same exact reaction as Dave experience with Larry Elder. He couldn't respond and didn't know how to respond. Someone else Chimed in and said they would be kind enough to give me a minute of their time because they felt I was polite and considerate and they sent me this article that I'd like to share with everybody about Classical liberalism and Libertarianism. Dave @daverubin I think you'd enjoy reading it. ...
Its Meme time in this age of wearing face coverings and masks. You will need to open each picture to get the full effect. Happy Thursday. Hugs to everyone ❤
Has anyone watched this? This needs to go viral. The ending blew my mind! Fauci is a criminal corruptive murderer along with the government bodies and Bill Gates that have been involved.

Anyone else feel this way lately?
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@DaveRubin I've been loving the Audible version. I'm in chapter 3 right now. I got to tell you everything you're saying I'm in your shadow. Wonderful content. I am Loving this. I had to laugh when you described something about yourself in the transgender section. I think you know what I'm talking about 😄😜 Hugs ❤
We are going Rogue in the Park today. Triple Triggers Band are live on Facebook right now if you want to watch them
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California Governor continues to make California a Deep State JOKE. I think our Orange County Sheriff is the last sane person in California Government that makes sense to me. A lot of good info.....
Friday Memes. Hugs to everyone ❤
Please share your Insanity Lockdown Grub. Mine is posted in comments.
Hugs Everyone ❤
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Its Meme time! Hugs to everyone ❤
Dave PUT IT OUT THERE with Tucker. Great interview! @DaveRubin
Screen shot of you of the last 5 seconds of your Iconic book signing. I got Clyde in your shot. Hugs to you Dave ❤
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Anyone else a victim of organized chaos? Picture of my friends kitchen dishes yesterday when I helped cook for them. Mine are just as bad at my house😅 @davidjanet Are you doing the Dish Jenga ( funny term credit to ANorton❤)
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Jamming at the Park today. Got an audience here!!. People deserve some live outdoor music. Rock on Triple Triggers Band 🎶🎵🎼🎙🎸🎹🎧🎤
A few funnies today. I added one more to comments. Hugs everyone ❤
Anyone else feel this way. After 6+ weeks I am starting to feel this way. The more information I read the more I am able to make a reasonable Understanding. It is a screenshot image. Hugs to everyone ❤
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California to provide illegal immigrants with disaster relief payments
Missouri Files Lawsuit Against China for Coronavirus Pandemic
Someone sent this to me. Your thoughts and opinions?
Good morning, It is not the China nation that did it. Yes it was released in China so we think. Just be aware it is the "deep state" the powers thatrule the world , not the elected people. Just know the lab in Wuhan is owned by George Soros. Financed but many including the Gates Foundation and as was just announced with Grants from Dr Fauci the head of the CDC a deep state operative after it was considered too dangerous and of no value to study itin our Universities in the US. The New World Order is going full tilt ahead as they feel they are loosing control with people across the world vote moreconservative. Trump is just the biggest price, there are more nations like GB exiting the EU and voted conservative so are India, Brazil, Australia anda few others. There are other elements to this one is the 5G implementation that changes biological makeup of DNA and the ability of blood to carry oxygen

@Six-Tenths, They sent me this

Golden State Times 🇺🇸 (@Goldstatetimes) Tweeted:
Very Interesting exchange Caught on (GST HOT MIC) between FAKE NEWS @FoxNews @johnrobertsFox
and a FAKE NEWS Tech at Todays White House Press Briefing!
#coronavirus #WhiteHousePressBriefing #TrumpPressConf @realDonaldTrump @DanScavino
A few funnies I have seen the past week
Common core math is killing us. Can anyone help solve this? 7th grade Math is harder than when I was in college. Lol.
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Loophole in $2 Trillion CARES Act Could See Money Sent to China. I have a couple of major issues
1. Airlines should be doing their maintenance here, not abroad, especially in China. One big reason I don't like Unions .
2. I am firmly against bail out "stimulus " money to the Airlines and into The hands of the Corruptive CEOs . Here is a big example in this article.
Homemade Oreo Whip Pie. Setting in fridge for dessert tonight. The family is waiting impatiently....
It has 3 layers with heavy whipping cream and an oreo crust as seen in photos. Also making homemade ice cream pops with leftovers. I will post how they turn out.
Let me know if you want directions
Beer chicken and a Mediterranean dish of Okra cooked in crushed tomatoes with a reduction sauce of pomegranate sauce, lemon juice and sauteed garlic & onions. I love being able to post multi photos ❤@davidjanet
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Tom Steyer is now on the California Governor's Authority Committee. He is spewing all the "injustices " that this Corona Virus has brought on.... especially the inner city low income people and blacks and minorities. His defunct candidacy campaign is now his echo chamber here in CA.
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My kinda rug and vibes with how I feel currently
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This Comedian cracks me up. A friend of mine turned me onto to him today. He can have some bad language in most of his videos but I think he is brilliant. I am going to start following him. He is something I need right now. His name is Victor DiBitetto. Here are a couple of his videos

Silver Lining

Ticked off at the Government (awesome bad language)
I need to share my gratitude and respect to my business partner who has been trucking endlessly for it seems eternity during this crisis. You all sang him Happy Birthday and he joined our cocktail Communuty a couple of weeks ago. You made him feel so special and thank you for your kindness. Trump did an awesome Dedication to our truckers today. So I want to recognize this for my business partner Rick, our community member David @DavidGower and all of our truckers. I salute you Comrades ❤🇺🇸❤
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While the Trump administration is working to reopen the economy to get citizens back to work and millions of Americans are struggling to coup in quarantine due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, United States House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) joined CBS late-night host James Corden from her home to show off her freezer full of ice cream.
Tucker Carlson was in a lot of peoples heads last night...
"By what authority did you nullify the Bill of Rights in issuing this order? How do you have the power to do that?"
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Posting a few funny memes ( see comments )
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Gov. Newsom unveils his plan to lift California’s stay-at-home order.

**UPDATE. I DIDN'T RECEIVE STIMULUS CHECK. DID YOU? The high cost of living in CA doesn't qualify for a lot of us that participate in Free Enterprise Capitalism.

California is setting up $1000 mo rental stimulus for 3 months to renters. Your tax dollars going to work 🙄
The more information that comes out about Fauci ties with Gates and the Dems it really me question his ethics. His interview with CNN over the weekend showed how he may be manipulating Trump and our government.
The MSM and Dems got blasted today. Loved Trumps fury
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Rib eye steak street tacos. Avocados from co-op neighbor. Sharing this great dish with my tenant who can't source food lately. We are all in this together. More pics in comments. What Is your dish today? Hugs ❤
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Wow check this out...
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Something to think about

Harvard sponsored a 30-year old Chinese national who’ve attempted to steal research. The Chinese national, Zaosong Zheng, was recently arrested at Boston Logan International Airport allegedly with stolen 21 vials of cancer research material he was attempting to smuggle to China. Prosecutors alleged he attempted to steal the material to bring to China so he could conduct his own research in his laboratory.

In addition to Zaosong’s arrest, Charles Lieber, the chairman of the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard, was arrested on Jan. 28 on charges he lied about his ties the Chinese government’s Thousand Talents Plan.
Harvard Professor Accused Of Hiding Ties To China Released On $1M Bond. Lieber’s arrest highlights the federal government’s growing concern over China’s efforts to steal U.S. research and technology. ( COVID-19)
Where our $25 billion "Pork" tax dollars just went to. Nancy Pelosi named recipient of Profile in Courage Award.
I can only hope that voters nix Nancy Pelosi and all the crud muffins that are the Democrat Legislators. Wake up America!
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Fake News Media
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Enchiladas with slices of avocado (from my tree) Also served tacos. Additional pictures in comments
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I baked homemade beer bread this morning. It has a more dense texture and it goes really well with honey drizzled on top or accompanied with chili. More pics in my comments. Here is the recipe.

If you don't have self-rising flour here is alternative: Combine 1 cup of plain flour, 1/4tsp salt and 2 teaspoons of baking powder in a glass bowl and mix together. You will multiply this times 3 for recipe.
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Shrimp and pasta with marina sauce. I added cooking info in comments.
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Dr Graham had a great talk on Fox right now. She says China is lying to the world. Here is a is a time line she put up.

Does China Own Nancy Pelosi And The Democratic Party?
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Interesting read and Food for thought. What do you think?

China Wants to Use the Coronavirus to Take Over the World
Oh Dave.....
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Every night at 7 p.m. New Yorkers applaud and cheer its essential workers. Gave me goosebumps ❤ watch...

It's a perfect night for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. ❤ These Times ❤ more cozy flames Pics in comments
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After news another month of this crapola. Hugs everyone ❤
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I am in the Dog House for pissing off a couple of my close side kicks with April fools pranks. This must be how AOC feels. Bewildered why people don't think she is witty or how they could possibly be offended by her statements or actions. Today is officially AOC Day...The Day of Fools
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See comments for more of the story
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Well there ya go...I am sure it's no surprise to us.
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This kind of thing should NOT be in elementary libraries. 😡🤬
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I just got some horrible news that our close friend has the Corona Virus. She is in the thick of it and they are the most difficult symptoms that she's ever had to deal with. She can barely breath and she hurts all over. I feel so bad for her. I can't go to her and take care of her right now. Its anguishing... ..

She wanted me to share with everyone - that this virus needs to be taken very seriously and it's no game. She also sent me this article and has asked that I share it. My friend Athena is fighting for her life right now 😥😭😭😭 I am praying. This is a picture of my sweet angel at Thanksgiving. Fight this like it's nobody's business Athena!
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Wow these faces don't care who you are or where you come from. They just want you to get better. This reminds me at this time we shouldn't be divided we should be United. Peace love and strength.
A well deserved roast and potatoes honorary meal to my Truck Driver Business partner who hasn't had a day off in 3 weeks. He has been getting much needed supplies to grocery stores here in So CA. Please if you wish to support his efforts, share a message to him here. Well done, Comrade. ❤
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Pointing my finger at those who voted for the Goo Crew Palosi, Schumer, Schiff, AOC..... I don't agree with this Historically most expensive and overrated "Stimulus" package. I have so many other ideas that I think we could have done Certainly not this... $2.2 TRILLION 🤬😡
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These are the times....
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How do you like your coffee and is there an International kind that you love? I am a B3. I like cheap coffee haha. I like lattes!! Hugs ❤☕
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Criminal Capitalism. I am not saying I agree but its it's certainly interesting.

Robert Kiyosaki says people are realizing the system is scaring people.

Our favorite sushi spot is closed. We are craving so I made some homemade California Roll handrolls. Oishi (delicious in Japanese) Add'l pictures in comments.
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Here's a link for some updated info on the new and overly expensive 2 trillion-dollar relief package. I got to be honest I think we're putting ourselves way out there and I don't like being in this much debt. This is too much goverment reaction.

White House, Senate reach late-night deal on massive $2T coronavirus stimulus package.
Chocolate Chip Fudge Muffins. My house smells so good.... sending warm yummy hugs to Chocolate Lovers ❤
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I had some time so I read about the story about the life of Clark Gable. His Grandson Clark James Gable was a race car driver and he was a customer of mine and rented our RVs for his race car events. Unfortunately he died last February. It was really interesting to read about the life of Clark Gable. Clark Gable had a house called Windy Gables that was located about a block away from the house that I grew up in on Hollywood Beach. It was a very simple but beautiful little beachfront home. My best friend's brother is named Clark. I guess I've always been sort of keen with Clark Gable haha. Here iui a the article.
Definition of fake news media trying to create fear and havoc.
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Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole. Recipe below in comments. Serving with sauteed green beans and a glass of white wine. Dinner is served!
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My Hero version 1.0
Remember the Force Will be With You....Always
Saluting All of you Health Worker Angels
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I remember hearing this song once. It's by Stevie Nicks and called Silver Springs. It imprinted in my mind. I could never find it on an album anywhere and the words in the song are the same as on the rumors album called I Don't Want to Know which has a totally different and meaning of the song Silver Springs. I had to do a ton of research to find this. Its something that is resonating in my life for some time. Here is the song.

Here is the article that explains what happened to the song and what it's about in Rolling Stone magazine.
Sorry I missed the movie. I wanted to get a BBQ in before the rain. Ribs, sliders and grilled mushroom & onions. Jiffy popcorn on the grill too. More pics in comments. What is on your menu today.
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